Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dutch Dare Blinkie

We've had such a great response about the dutch dares and the entries have been great so far, we hope to get lots more by Wednesday !

But we've also had a lot of response about the cute blinkie. Can we use it too ? Can you post it when you post a dare ? Or just use it when you post anywhere ?

Well we aim to please so our blinkie was transformed by our blinkie king and he made a blinkie especially for YOU you dutch dare lover. To use when and where you like for your downloading pleasure.

Keep playing with us, cause that's what it's all about sharing the fun !

1 comment:

linda loe said...

Hij is erg leuk ik heb hem bij mijn handtekening gezet ( en dat is heel wat voor een digibeet als ik mezelf altijd vind)