Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dare # 19

"Als je haar maar goed zit"

.....doe iets scheefs op je project
.....ja, echt! het moet een foto van jezelf zijn
.....verwerk grote cijfers (liefst jaartal, datum) op het project

Succes en veel plezier met die ene foto zoeken...
Jaren 80?
Verknipte pony?
Fout permanentje?
Mooi bruidskapsel?
Experimenteel met kleur?
Blij met je kapsel nu?

De kleur roze was geen vereiste maar… De Dutch Dare Babes waren blijkbaar “in a pink mood” !

Uiteraard kan je opnieuw meedingen naar een RAK. Laat je layout of project zien via deze LINK op 2Peas. Graag zien we het ook in een gallerij bij MemoryLane


“Nothing matters, just a good hairdo”

It’s a funny and strange saying overhere! If I’m right it’s from a dutch song. Well, we’ve had some conversations about our histories and fashion and ofcourse hairdo’s! So perfect to turn it into a scrapbook challenge. it oblique (awry) on the project
.....yes! it must be a selfportrait
.....add big numbers (like dates) to the project

Good luck and have fun finding this photo...
Back to the eighties?
Hairdresser missed it?
Lovely hairdo at your wedding?
Color experiments?
Teenage hairdo?
Happy right now as it is?

The color pink was not mentioned but... The Dutch Dare Babes were all in a pink mood!

If you want to play along for a RAK, be sure that we can find your project by leaving a comment here on the blog or via this LINK on 2Peas. You can also send your project by email to All the dares will then be placed in a special gallery on the Memory Lane website.







Ja, hoor! Wij kunnen om onszelf erg hard lachen!
Kom deze week weer langs want een paar Dutch Dare Babes zullen hun layouts nog toevoegen...

Yes! We can make fun of ourselves! Lots of fun we've had!
Check us out again this week because a couple of Dutch Dare Babes will add their layouts later...


Anonymous said...

Lovely results on your dares lady's liefs...earane

Charlotte said...

Whahahahaha, we look good girls!

Daffie Online said...


Angelique said...


Mirjam said...

Ha, ha!!! Was looking for a curly/blond picture, didn't find the worst one I could remember (altough my hairdo in this one is pretty bad LOL). Love it... seems we all had a bit of the same style... and look at all those buttons closed all the way to the top, loved this dare!

Anonymous said...

OMG LOL :-)))

Brigitta said...

oh my, this is hilarious, I have a picture of me somewhere with a very bad perm somewhere in the 80's I'll try and find it and make a fantastic LO with it. This Dare is great!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL love it you crazy gang - I'm all over this one :D

scraps said...

Geweldig!!!! Nu ben ik wel op tijd dus nieuwsgierig naar mijn slechtse haardracht ooit...

Anonymous said...

Here's mine... I had to laugh when all your LO's relate to the 1990's... and here am I in 1974 LOL
here we go:

Anonymous said...

OK... my LO disappeared! - let's try this link:

Anonymous said...

I made a minialbum about my hair and you can check it out here:

Anonymous said...

Mijn layout staat hier;